4 Ways to Wake Up to Your Life

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4ways to wake up

I have a hard time waking up in the morning. My brain is foggy, and I usually don’t feel refreshed after my night of fitful sleep. As I was struggling to get up yet again this week, I began to wonder; does my trouble waking up in the mornings have any correlation to my trouble waking up from my unfocused, haphazard, unbalanced life?

I am having those same kinds of struggles in my life that I have in my morning. My goals are foggy, and I don’t feel accomplished after a day of working on them. I feel like I am not really making any progress toward having the kind of life I want to have, because I can’t get away from living the over-busy and overwhelmed life I’ve been living for the past 12 years.

I want an awakening! I want to do things differently so my life can be better. More fulfilling. More balanced. More rewarding. But I am having a hard time coming out of the darkness of what was. Each week I have great plans to do great things towards accomplishing my new goals, but I’m getting overwhelmed with the old things that are still overflowing into the new I want to create!

As if to answer my frustrations, I keep seeing stories and articles about getting unstuck, or finding what is really important, or creating a better life. Because I’m seeing these online on places like Facebook, and in magazine articles, instead of as a search result from Google, I’m certain that this is the inside me trying to direct the old me towards positive change.

So here are some of the things I’m learning about waking up. I think this applies to my problems with awakening both in the mornings and in my life. Maybe they will help you too.

1. (Happy People) Begin Anew Each and Every Morning

from MindBodyGreen.com
8 Things Happy People do in the Morning

“(Happy People) know that it’s a brand-new day to start over and do something different. Yesterday may have been a complete failure for them, but today is a new day for success and adventure. Individuals who aren’t ruined by one bad day are resilient creatures. Resiliency is a telltale sign of having purpose and happiness.”

2. Every Little Struggle is a Step Forward

from GoForHealth.co
8 Things to Remember when Things are Going Wrong
“In life, patience is not about waiting; it’s the ability to keep a good attitude while working hard on your dreams, knowing that the work is worth it. So if you’re going to try, put in the time and go all the way. Otherwise, there’s no point in starting. This could mean losing stability and comfort for a while, and maybe even your mind on occasion. It could mean not eating what, or sleeping where, you’re used to, for weeks on end. It could mean stretching your comfort zone so thin it gives you a nonstop case of the chills. It could mean sacrificing relationships and all that’s familiar. It could mean accepting ridicule from your peers. It could mean lots of time alone in solitude. Solitude, though, is the gift that makes great things possible. It gives you the space you need. Everything else is a test of your determination, of how much you really want it.”

3. Create a “Not-to-Do” List, or a “Wait-List”

From inc.com
7 Ways to have a Truly Great Morning

“You know the distractions you should be avoiding, the ones that consistently suck time and energy out of your day? To avoid getting sidetracked make a list of them and keep it on your desk. Paired with your to-do list, you now have a double dose of focus and prioritization.”

As an added bonus, my friend and coach, Sage Grayson (at SageGrayson.com), has a great worksheet for figuring out what she calls a wait list–these are things you think you need to do (or don’t want to do) and you aren’t doing. Instead they are just staying on your list and you are wasting a lot of time and energy avoiding them. When you put them on a Wait List, you can get them off your plate and off your mind. Then in a month or so, you can review them and see if any of the items need to be added back to your list, or if they can be put off altogether. What a freeing concept! Here is the link to her post about it (which includes the free worksheet!)

4. Success Will Come

From LifeCoachingbyMelanie.com
Hard Beginnings

“Your success depends on your attitude and how you choose to react to your troubles. And yes, you always have a choice. Do you quit or do you keep plugging away? The beginning of anything, a new business, relationship, schooling, is always the hardest…but just like the sun eventually appears again after the storm has passed, night always turns into morning and bare trees eventually get spring buds, troubles will pass, hard times will become easier times. Don’t give up before you get to the good stuff. If you work hard, if you persevere through the storm, success WILL come.”



These are good things to apply to my day…I think they might be good things to apply to this new awakening journey as well.

I am going to take the next four posts to look more deeply into each of the points I shared with you today to see how we can apply them to our awakening journey so we can finally wake up from our stupor and learn how to have an amazing life by getting back to our purpose and passion.

I’m looking forward to delving deeper into this with you; in the meantime, in the comments below post any tips you have recently found about waking up well, or doing life well, or anything you know will help us on this journey!

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