Changing Perspective

changing perspective

My heart is so full of joy since I’ve decided to get back to the things I love.

For example, I went for a walk with my dog today; something I have to do every day. And that was the problem. I would think, “I have to walk the dog.” And then I would walk him with a mindset that it was a chore, and I had to do it before I could get on to the next thing on my absurdly large list.

But today my mindset was different. I wanted to walk. I loved my walk. I explored a new trail, and I took the time to really enjoy my walk.

I listened to the birds overhead and the critters skittering about in the underbrush and dead leaves.

I really looked at the trail and noticed the different colors of green, and how the sun danced on the ground according to how the leaves swayed and filtered the light.

I breathed in and smelled the dirt, the grass, and the mustiness of last autumn’s leaves rotting on the ground.

I enjoyed myself!

And I could really get used to that feeling.

Changing your perspective is important. It can change a drudgery into an adventure, a chore into a journey.

Changing your perspective can get you out of a rut and help you learn how to enjoy life again.

What do you think? Share in the comments about a time when changing your perspective helped you.

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