Collecting Experiences

collecting experiences

Cleaning out this week has made me realize that I am tired of material things. More accurately, I’m tired of an abundance of material things, because if I am really honest with myself I can’t always ignore the call of a cute pair of shoes, or (especially this time of year) all of those beautiful stacks of papers, notebooks, folders, and journals that are on sale for the new school year. (I simply can’t resist a brand new beautiful journal–but let’s face it, this sparks joy in me, so–to a point–I think it’s okay to stock up when things are on sale, right?)

Whether or not something sparks joy is my new gauge for deciding if I must buy something (like those beautiful pens in bright rainbow colors) or not (like the shoes that were cute, but they didn’t have great arch support, and they didn’t look amazing on my foot).

But I think that from now on, instead of collecting things, I really want to collect experiences. I want to do stuff instead of own stuff. I want to fill my head with memories of a life lived instead of filling a house with junk we will just have to box up and move in a few months.

I’ve started saying yes to doing things more often…(I’m not spontaneous, so some times its hard for me). Yes, it’s challenging to break out of my comfort zone, but if I don’t do it now, my life will never be different.

Since I decided to have more experiences, I’ve also been having more fun. I went to a Foreigner/Kid Rock concert and nearly got trampled by a large ball of people rolling down the hill in a massive fist fight.

I’ve had great times with my friends on road trips to the beach where we saw dolphins surfing in the waves (which was awesome once we assured ourselves they weren’t sharks!).

I went home to Tahoe for a week and remembered how much I love the mountains and the Lake.

I surprised my niece to help her move into her college dorm.

We are also planning some fun trips to local wineries, and Disney World–not to mention a river cruise next summer with my mom and sister.

We spent so many of our married years saving money or working hard to get out of debt so we stopped doing the things that made us happy. We’ve even decided that from now on for birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries, we will give each other experiences to cherish instead of things that gather dust. We are going to make a dent in our bucket list and do things like go hot air ballooning, watch the northern lights, and go biking through Napa Valley.

I think one of the best things about being older is that we can finally save and have a little left over to do fun things once in a while.

Your turn: Share in the comments below what kinds of experiences you want to collect.

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2 thoughts on “Collecting Experiences

  1. Love this blog! I totally agree….life is all about experiences! At the end of my life’s journey, I hope I’m able to think back on my life, to the people that have touched me, the places I’ve ventured to and the experiences I’ve dared to live…and smile. I want to be grinning from ear to ear when I leave this earth and I know my shoe collection won’t put that kind of smile on my face…but my experiences certainly will! Kudos to you, Alane! Cheers to collecting more experiences!