Dustin’ off My Tutu

life would be better if we wore more tutus

“Oooh Mommy, look at these!” a little girl squealed when she saw the most perfect pair of sunglasses. They were sparkly and pink and matched her princess dress–complete with a tutu–perfectly.

As I waited in the line at the pharmacy for yet another prescription, I looked down at my legs covered in sweats and my feet shod in torn up shoes. My hair was in a ponytail and I suddenly felt as shlumpy as I must have looked.

I had to wonder, just when did I take MY tutu off?

Why don’t I feel special like a princess anymore?

I continued to watch this little girl who was so full of life and joy as she tried on sunglasses and, unbeknownst to her, entertained us all. I’ve been seeing a lot of these recently; girls in their princess dresses living life to the fullest–on errands, at the doctor’s office, on the playground–and they always catch my eye. I’m thinking life is trying to tell me something!

Don’t you always smile when you see a little girl in a princess dress? I know I do, but suddenly I’m wondering, why? Why does a little tot in a pink frilly dress evoke this emotion in me? Is it because she isn’t afraid to go out in dress up clothes? Is it because of the way she carries herself? Perhaps its because she’s expecting the best out of life.

Or maybe, just maybe, that sight is stirring in me the longing to be a princess.

To be of a special class.

To be careless and carefree–and not weighed down with the burdens of life.

Oh, the burdens of life! The bills, the groceries and housework. Managing a career, raising a family and trying to find the energy for your marriage. A recessive economy, job insecurity and seasons of war and terrorism…we live in uncertain times. And the weight of these times can be a heavy burden. Overwhelming even.

But there is good news! Dig into your past and start looking for your princess dress, because sister, I’ve got big news for you! YOU ARE A PRINCESS!!!

Does that surprise you? I know you probably don’t feel like a princess. I usually don’t either–especially if my husband is acting like a frog or when I’m dressed in sweats and a ponytail. But you don’t have to feel like a princess to be a princess. You ARE a princess!

When you are part of God’s family, you are joint heirs with Jesus (Romans 8:17), so really He is your brother. Jesus is the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6) and God’s Son–so, by relation, you are a Princess.

Claim your right, sister! Put on that princess dress and start remembering what it means to have that title!

Your turn: In the comments below share about something that makes you feel like a princess!

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