I Will Not Be Bullied

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When I was young, my mother sat me down and had a talk with me about safety. She told me things like not to take rides from people I didn’t know and to let her look at my halloween candy so she could make sure nothing had been tampered with. Those were the biggest safety issues of our day. Those were times when I could play outside all day and my mother didn’t need to watch me. She knew I was okay. Those were the days when the biggest terror threat was someone who was tampering with Tylenol(r).

Within the last week I had to sit down with my son and have a similar talk about safety. But it was so very different.

We had to talk about what he should do to keep himself safe in the case of a school shooting, which a child had threatened to do at his school last Friday. (Thankfully, police were involved early and the threat was never acted upon.)

And then we’ve had to talk about a family safety plan in the case of domestic terrorism, which is a real threat for the time and place we live.

It broke my heart to think about the world in which my son is growing up.

It is a very different world than I’ve ever known, and so I must adjust.

But here’s the thing: I REFUSE TO BE BULLIED! I refuse to let anyone take away my joy by trying to replace it with fear. I refuse to let anyone make me afraid of strangers or hesitant to do something.

So what is my response to our world events? Well, first I’m sad because of the rampant hate in the world. I am frustrated that everyone is so easily offended by everything. And I’m concerned for the future of our nation.

But I refuse to be scared.

Instead, I will live each day to the fullest, taking every opportunity to tell the people I know how much they mean to me. I will never leave the house angry, leave disagreements unresolved, or let relationships fail. I will never separate from my son or husband without reminding them how I love them. And I will not take my life for granted.

Because life is short. But it needs to be lived.

And death is inevitable. It can happen at any time, for any reason, terrorism or no.

And if something bad happens to me while I am living my life, then it does. But if it does, the people  who know me will never have to feel like we had words that weren’t said or issues that weren’t resolved.

Instead of being bullied into being scared, I’m going to live more exuberantly and love more boldly so I will have no regrets.

Who’s with me?!

Your turn: In the comments below share how living in a time of increased terrorism has changed the way you think…

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