It’s Still Christmas

You can carry it in your heart!

Just because today is December 26 doesn’t mean that Christmas is over. Christmas is something you hold in your heart. And (spoiler alert) as Mr. Scrooge taught us, it is something that can be celebrated each day throughout the year.



Happy Christmas!

I wish you love. Love that is unconditional and so fulfilling.

I wish you peace. Peace that passes all understanding.

I wish you friendship. The kind of friendship that outlasts the days and the miles that separate you.

I wish you grace. Grace for others, but most especially for yourself.

I wish you kindness. Kindness from strangers, and kindness coming from your heart.

I wish you gentleness. Gentleness in dealing with the hurting people around you.

I wish you joy. The kind of joy that overcomes.

Today may your day be merry and bright. And may you be surrounded by those you love.

All my best,


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