Making my Life a Vacation

or bringing the principles of Disney home


Last week my family and I went to Walt Disney World for the trip of a lifetime. We had such a wonderful time! The weather was perfect, there weren’t too many crowds, but we were all a little sad when it was time to leave. I may or may not have cried a little as we headed to the airport.

My guys were a little confused by my longing to stay instead of going home. But really, who wouldn’t want to stay?! At Disney World I was treated like a princess. Everything was taken care of for me, and everyone just wanted me to have fun. I didn’t have to cook, or clean, or do laundry. I didn’t even have to drive anyone anywhere! If I wanted something, I only had to ask and the cast members would do everything they could to make it happen.

Compare that to my house where I have to cook, and clean, and drive. And if I want anything to happen, I have to make it happen myself.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining. I enjoy my life. I just enjoyed being a princess more!

But this got me thinking; what was it about our trip, besides the fact that we were on vacation, that made everything so wonderful? And more than that, what can I learn and bring home with me to make my day-to-day more like a day at Disney?

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First of all, there is that thing about being a princess. I loved how the people at Disney would refer to us as princesses or princes. Being a princess means I’m special.  But it also means I have the certain responsibility to act like a princess. I must be kind and caring. I must be gracious. I must engage with the people around me and make them feel as special as I do. This is something I can do. When I treat those around me with kindness and respect, that will also come back to me.

Next, everything was so clean! Everyone took pride in their surroundings. I even saw the manager of a hotel picking up trash one day. My house would probably be happier if I made a point to take pride in my surroundings every day. I’ve kind of let the house go because I get tired of fighting the messiness of my boys. But I always feel better when the house is tidy. I think I can bring back the spirit of Disney if I take pride in my surroundings, whether the boys clean up after themselves or not. I think I will lead this one by example.

Finally, we had so much fun on our trip. We were all agreeable and up for adventure. I know we can’t be like this every day because things have to be done that aren’t always fun. But we can keep that vacation feeling if we choose to be happy and always try to have fun, even if we have to clean bathrooms, or stand in traffic. A positive, happy outlook goes far to help improve your everyday outlook.

How about you? What are some things you want to do to make your life the happiest place in the world? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Making my Life a Vacation

  1. Things I’ve done to make my home that of a princess….a trip to Yankee Candle! I bought plug-in oil diffusers and room sprays. I’m surprised by how much my mood is affected by pleasant smells. Not that our house ever smelled bad…but it’s just so nice to be whisked away by “Autumn in the Park” when I enter my kitchen or “North Pole” upstairs – minty chill and vanilla warmth combined. Music, too! Disney pumps music everywhere and it’s great to have a soundtrack in your home. Flowers — I always have cut flowers in my house. Shouldn’t every princess?!? When the laundry piles up in the corner and the floors need to be shined, looking at fresh flowers pushes the mundane chores to the sidelines. There’s plenty of time to be Cinderella. In the moment, there’s flowers, music, and the smell of happiness. 😉

    • Jeanette, I love those ideas! I always forget to burn my candles but I will start because you are right! I also love the idea of flowers. I bought two bunches to put on my table this Christmas and I made five mini bouquets that I’ve now put around the house. Flowers always make me smile too!