What Happened Next…

what happened next

Because I’m a wordsmith, I notice how people say or write things. And lately I’ve noticed a formula that online promoted materials (and even un-promoted materials) have been using. And the formula must be working because I see more and more of these kinds of headlines online. I know you’ve seen them too.

They start off with a description of some action that is happening in a video or photo like:

This elephant sees the ocean for the first time… (more…)

The Shot


Sunday was an interesting day for me. I was driving home from a great weekend presenting at a retreat. I was driving on the freeway to pick up my dog from the boarding kennel when I noticed a guy crawling under the guardrail towards the freeway. I thought it was strange, so my gaze lingered. And that’s when I saw (more…)

Fireflies, Family and Feelings…


My oldest sister visited me recently and we were up way past my bedtime reconnecting over a nice bottle of wine while we watched the last of the fireflies.

This was the first time in many years that she and I just hung out without other family. It was great to catch up with her because she and I tend to go weeks or months without really talking. But it occurred to me one day last year that she and I might be all that is left (more…)

Preparation for the Storm


All of the hurricane and severe weather talk on the east coast this week has got me thinking…am I prepared for an emergency? I’m not talking doomsday, survivalist kind of ready, but I’m wondering if I have become too complacent and comfortable in my little world.

My dad raised me to think that I could do anything, and I used to always have that can-do attitude. But now it’s easy to rely on my strong husband or my tall son to do things for me. It’s easy to think that I don’t need to learn how to do things like start the generator because someone else can do it for me.

But I was lying in bed last night thinking about everything I need to do (like make sure we have gas in the gas can for the generator in case the power goes out) or find (where are the flashlights and batteries?) because my husband is out of town for business, and I am the adult and I should prepare the house in case the hurricane makes landfall.

I know I can do it, and I know it will all be okay.

It’s comforting to realize (after thinking about how I would survive a weather emergency for most of the night) that if I was stranded or alone, I would probably manage okay in an emergency.

But it’s nice to know that sometimes I don’t have to do it alone!

On Making Changes


As I’m working on this journey of reawakening in my midlife, I’m amazed at how easily I can slip back into old habits.

I have a lot of great ideas about how to change my life for the better. I can plan what I want to accomplish each week, I can spend more time in prayer each day, I can exercise consistently and do something every day that fulfills me.

And I can do it…for about three days.

And then those old habits sneak back up. I forget (more…)

Honoring a Memory

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As I wrote last week, today is the day that my sister left us last year. I’ve been encouraged by the texts and messages I’ve received from my friends, and Deborah’s friends. And today I remain reflective about what Deborah meant to me and how she affected my life.

But today, instead of grieving I choose to remember Deborah’s life; a life of love, and service, and mercy, and generosity. I choose to celebrate her impact on us instead of mourning her loss. I feel like when I think about the positive impact she has had on our family and even try to emulate it, then I can honor her in a better way than I can by just missing her.

During the past year, whenever my family members and I talk about Deborah, we share stories about her humor, her laughter, and her generosity. We talked about how she loved fiercely. And in talking about how she lived, we are inspired to live better lives because of her. (more…)

How to See Your Beauty

how to see beauty

I saw an article on Yahoo! News last month that really opened my eyes to how I think about myself. Well, that’s not entirely correct; I know how I think of myself–and it’s usually not very positive. (I’ll go into that another time). But I realized as I looked at that article, that I’m not alone in having a low self-image or a poor body image.

I’ve realized that we all stand in front of the mirror and see flaws in ourselves. Even someone like Sophia Vergara who is a very beautiful woman. The Yahoo! News article I read reported that she told The Daily Mirror (the UK tabloid), “…sometimes I look in the mirror


September Mourning

sept mourning by AlanePearce
September isn’t a great month for me. It used to be…I’ve always loved how the weather starts to change. I’ve loved the back to school sales and buying new notebooks/journals that are filled with blank pages just waiting to be filled up. I’ve loved how the trees start changing colors and how home starts feeling homier in the evenings as the sun starts setting earlier.

I still love those things, but September is now filled with reminders of dreams dashed, lives changed, and hearts broken. September is the time when I remember my first-born son’s short life. And since 2001, it’s the time I remember how my own life was so affected and changed on 9/11. And now, it’s also the time I remember how much I miss my sister who left us too soon last year.