Success. Will. Come.

(part five of a five-part series)

find successThis is the last post in my series about waking up to your life. I’ve spent the last two weeks talking about three of the four points that I felt “found” me because they wanted to be discovered by me. 

Today, we come to point four. Success Will Come.

In her post a few weeks back, Coach Melanie writes:

“Your success depends on your attitude and how you choose to react to your troubles. And yes, you always have a choice. Do you quit or do you keep plugging away? …Don’t give up before you get to the good stuff. If you work hard, if you persevere through the storm, success WILL come.” From Hard Beginnings

This point came into my email a few weeks ago. Melanie is a great friend and an even better life coach! She often voices exactly what I’m thinking in her blog. (I encourage you to check her out–you’ll learn stuff from her as well!)

Anyway, as I re-read this post from Melanie, I started thinking about a story about a hike and a group of ladies I met in Colorado.

When I was still living in Colorado, I had the opportunity to attend a wonderful weekend retreat at the Glen Eyrie conference grounds in Colorado Springs, which is one of the most beautiful retreat centers I’ve ever seen. At Glen Eyrie, there is this beautiful, horrible, terrific, challenging hike a mile up into the canyon to a waterfall.

I explained to the ladies in my group what would be required of them during the hike.

“We will cross the stream many times,” I said.  “Sometimes we will cross on logs, other times we will have to use stepping stones. But the trail is beautiful, and you will be rewarded at the end when you stand at the foot of a majestic waterfall!”

We were all excited as we headed out. It was early in spring, so the stream was higher than normal and our crossings were sometimes treacherous. It took us a lot longer than we hoped. But we all learned so much about ourselves during this hike.

We all learned that we were strong and brave. Many ladies started the hike fearful, and that fear doubled when we came to our first water crossing. We had to climb up on a slippery log and balance our way across. When the most fearful of the group made it across, we all shouted and clapped for joy!

We learned how to encourage and help one another. When the crossings were on rocks nearly covered by the water, we set up a human handrail of sorts where four of us positioned ourselves on spare rocks and held our hands out to help support the balance of those who were crossing on the other stones. Together we made it past the obstacles. I learned that day that I was an encourager and a helper.

But the story that came to mind when I re-read Melanie’s post was not my lesson that day at all. It was the story one of the hikers told me after we reached the waterfall.

As we were hiking up, Stacy would often turn to me ask variations of the question, “Are you sure there is a waterfall at the end?” Or, “Are you sure this is the right hike?” I would always answer in the affirmative: “Yep! It’s coming up soon!”

Finally, after 90 minutes on the trail, we rounded our last bend and we saw our reward. We were standing next to a deep pool, and when we looked up we saw the tall, beautiful waterfall.

But here is what Stacy told me as we were resting on the rocks before we had to make our way back down the canyon.

Stacy sat next to me and smiled shyly.

“Did you enjoy the hike?” I asked.

“Well…” she hesitated. “I did. But I have to tell you something. I didn’t believe you.”

I smiled at her, waiting for her to continue.

“All the way up here you kept saying, ‘It’s just up ahead’ and we would come around a bend and there was nothing. And about 20 minutes ago, I almost quit. I almost just turned around and went back because I didn’t think the challenges we were facing were worth it. But if I had turned around, I would have missed this amazing thing!”

And then she teared up.

“But more than that, I just realized that is what I always do in my life! I quit too soon. I don’t wait for success. I stop before it happens. And I just have to wonder, how many other things did I miss out on because I turned away right before I got my reward?”

Melanie is right. Success will come.

You just have to keep moving forward. You have to keep looking for it. Through the storms. Over the slippery logs. Around the never-ending blind corners. And yes, even through the ice-cold water.

Success will come if you keep walking toward it.

Now it’s your turn: Have these posts inspired you or re-invigorated you? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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