4 Ways to Wake Up to Your Life

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4ways to wake up

I have a hard time waking up in the morning. My brain is foggy, and I usually don’t feel refreshed after my night of fitful sleep. As I was struggling to get up yet again this week, I began to wonder; does my trouble waking up in the mornings have any correlation to my trouble waking up from my unfocused, haphazard, unbalanced life?

I am having those same kinds of struggles in my life that I have in my morning. My goals are foggy, and I don’t feel accomplished after a day of working on them. I feel like I am not really making any progress toward having the kind of life I want to have, because I can’t get away from living the over-busy and overwhelmed life I’ve been living for the past 12 years.

I want an awakening! I want to do things differently so my life can be better. More fulfilling. More balanced. More rewarding. But I am having a hard time coming out of the darkness of what was. Each week I have great plans to do great things towards accomplishing my new goals, but I’m getting overwhelmed with the old things that are still overflowing into the new I want to create!

As if to answer my frustrations, (more…)

What Happened Next…

what happened next

Because I’m a wordsmith, I notice how people say or write things. And lately I’ve noticed a formula that online promoted materials (and even un-promoted materials) have been using. And the formula must be working because I see more and more of these kinds of headlines online. I know you’ve seen them too.

They start off with a description of some action that is happening in a video or photo like:

This elephant sees the ocean for the first time… (more…)