The Best Reason to Scare Yourself


Here’s a preview of a page from my booklet: 8 Ways to Reconnect with You, available as a download for you on this site. In honor of Halloween coming in two weeks, I am sharing with you:

Number 7-Scare Yourself!


Here is what it says:

My schedule didn’t allow me to go to my class reunion this year. I was very sad to miss it because I was looking forward to connecting with the people I grew up with. Of course they posted pictures on Facebook, so I got an inkling of what happened. And when I saw they were doing Karaoke, I was secretly (more…)

What Happened Next…

what happened next

Because I’m a wordsmith, I notice how people say or write things. And lately I’ve noticed a formula that online promoted materials (and even un-promoted materials) have been using. And the formula must be working because I see more and more of these kinds of headlines online. I know you’ve seen them too.

They start off with a description of some action that is happening in a video or photo like:

This elephant sees the ocean for the first time… (more…)