Honoring a Memory

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As I wrote last week, today is the day that my sister left us last year. I’ve been encouraged by the texts and messages I’ve received from my friends, and Deborah’s friends. And today I remain reflective about what Deborah meant to me and how she affected my life.

But today, instead of grieving I choose to remember Deborah’s life; a life of love, and service, and mercy, and generosity. I choose to celebrate her impact on us instead of mourning her loss. I feel like when I think about the positive impact she has had on our family and even try to emulate it, then I can honor her in a better way than I can by just missing her.

During the past year, whenever my family members and I talk about Deborah, we share stories about her humor, her laughter, and her generosity. We talked about how she loved fiercely. And in talking about how she lived, we are inspired to live better lives because of her. (more…)

September Mourning

sept mourning by AlanePearce
September isn’t a great month for me. It used to be…I’ve always loved how the weather starts to change. I’ve loved the back to school sales and buying new notebooks/journals that are filled with blank pages just waiting to be filled up. I’ve loved how the trees start changing colors and how home starts feeling homier in the evenings as the sun starts setting earlier.

I still love those things, but September is now filled with reminders of dreams dashed, lives changed, and hearts broken. September is the time when I remember my first-born son’s short life. And since 2001, it’s the time I remember how my own life was so affected and changed on 9/11. And now, it’s also the time I remember how much I miss my sister who left us too soon last year.