Collecting Experiences

collecting experiences

Cleaning out this week has made me realize that I am tired of material things. More accurately, I’m tired of an abundance of material things, because if I am really honest with myself I can’t always ignore the call of a cute pair of shoes, or (especially this time of year) all of those beautiful stacks of papers, notebooks, folders, and journals that are on sale for the new school year. (I simply can’t resist a brand new beautiful journal–but let’s face it, this sparks joy in me, so–to a point–I think it’s okay to stock up when things are on sale, right?)

Whether or not something sparks joy is my new gauge for deciding if I must buy something (like those beautiful pens in bright rainbow colors) or not (like the shoes that were cute, but they didn’t have great arch support, and they didn’t look amazing on my foot).

But I think that from now on, (more…)

Cleaning Out The Clutter

cleaning out 1

This week I am cleaning out my house. Well, at least I’ve started. I’m clearing the physical clutter in the hopes of clearing the clutter in my mind…I’ve been trying to clean out all of this stuff since January, but there are always things that steal away my time–family, work, my husband’s work, mothering, taking care of the dog, my health, and the few days of the week that I have energy, etc., etc., etc.

But I have this feeling that all the clutter in my schedule and all the clutter in my house are the same thing. A symptom of the chaos that my life has become. It is a result of being overwhelmed, over loaded and unhappy. It is the result of not saying no to others and not saying yes to me. I believe there is clutter in my life because I have stopped doing what I love!

Cleaning out the clutter in my house is a start to organizing my life. It is helping me find out what I love, and let go of what is not sparking joy in my life.

As a reference, (more…)