Is It Okay to Quit?

When is it okay to quit?

I had a long conversation with my niece last week. She is in her first year of college and trying to determine which things are a good fit so she can build her future. We talked about how she is at a place in her life where the past is behind her, and her future is a blank slate. Even though blank slates can be overwhelming, they can also be empowering.

But then she said something that really made me think. Something that I think we all feel. And something that applies to this stage of my life as much as it applies to hers.

“If I try this and don’t like it, what do I do? I don’t want to be a quitter,” she said. “My mom and dad always told me not to quit.”

My niece and I have similar situations, even though we are separated by many decades. She is looking towards her future and making decisions that will shape the rest of her life. While I am at a different crossroads, I am still looking towards my future because it is changing. In a few years, I will no longer have kids in my house and my husband will be retiring from his “first career”, so my future is just as blank and unsure as my niece’s future.

So as I try to get back in touch with myself, I have to wonder: