The Best Reason to Scare Yourself


Here’s a preview of a page from my booklet: 8 Ways to Reconnect with You, available as a download for you on this site. In honor of Halloween coming in two weeks, I am sharing with you:

Number 7-Scare Yourself!


Here is what it says:

My schedule didn’t allow me to go to my class reunion this year. I was very sad to miss it because I was looking forward to connecting with the people I grew up with. Of course they posted pictures on Facebook, so I got an inkling of what happened. And when I saw they were doing Karaoke, I was secretly glad I had a scheduling conflict. Here’s why: Karaoke scares the pee outta me! And come to think of it, so does zip lining, traveling to a foreign country by myself, leaving the house with my curling iron on, and driving on the freeway in a storm–among other things. In fact, my journey to rediscover the things I love has opened my eyes to how afraid I’ve become.

I work very hard every day to overcome the anxiety I get over the house burning down, or driving in a storm on the freeway. I remind myself that the house has a sprinkler system so if my curling iron causes a fire, the whole neighborhood will not burn down and my dog will survive. In regards to driving, I have to remind myself that I took my driver’s test in a snowstorm, so I will be okay.

But I’m not really talking about anxiety here. I’m talking more about doing things that push you out of your comfort zone to help you remember how strong and brave you really are. Like traveling to a foreign country alone, sitting at a restaurant by yourself, hiking the Grand Canyon, and doing the things that make life exciting.

Has your life become too comfortable? Have you stopped doing things that push you out of your comfort zone so you stay safe?

I’m coming to realize that this is not really living.

It’s just existing.

strong and brave

So what scares you?

What makes you uncomfortable or stretches your comfort level?

Now do it!

If it is too hard to do something that scares you, start with doing what stretches your comfort level. Then when you succeed, you will feel empowered, and you can tackle the things that scare you a little more.

When you are finished, note in the comments what you did and what you learned about yourself.


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