The Comfort of a Tomato

calming tomato2

I made a simple salad today, and it really wasn’t a big deal. Except it was to me.

I was slicing a tomato and I felt so grateful for it; you see I picked that tomato–and there is something magical about picking and eating a tomato that was home grown in a back yard garden.

Before you think I’ve gone off the deep end,
let me explain. All last week I was tending my friend’s garden while she was on vacation. There was something lovely about watering the soil and hunting through the foliage to find the hidden produce. It was fun to thank the plants for sharing their food with me. I reveled in encouraging the new peppers with some water and a loving touch from my hand. I rejoiced in seeing new shoots come from the ground and more flowers on a stem.

I have always wanted to learn how to garden. I haven’t yet because we move every three or four years which makes it hard to cultivate a garden. And before I began this mid-life awakening, I was just too tired. The thought of having a garden–well, I loved the thought of a garden but the actual application of starting and tending a garden just seemed like too much.

Until now.

tomato love copy

My dad gardens, my grandfather gardens. And I want to garden.

Maybe I will start small in the spring with a little container garden.

Because I want that joy and comfort from a tomato in my life!

Your Turn: Do you garden? Share what you love about it (or what scares you about it) in the comments below.

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