The Gift from the Heart

a parable

Here is a short story as my Christmas gift to you!

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There was a man who had everything. There was not a thing in the world that he didn’t have. He owned land, animals, houses, and businesses. He had people who cooked for him, served him, and worked for him. If there was something he wanted, he could get it. If he wanted something to happen, it would.

This man was very wonderful to be around. He was kind, loving, and generous. When people needed food, he provided it. If they wanted water, he delivered it. If they wanted to talk, he would listen. Everyone in this man’s presence loved to be near him. They wanted to do whatever he said because they knew his decisions were good.

One day this man had a party and invited everyone he knew. At the party he had the finest food and the best drinks. He gave many gifts to his guests, and the guests were grateful.

Some guests wanted to keep their gifts from him and leave the party, so they did. And the man was sad, but he let them go their way.

Some guests wanted to give the man gifts in return, so they tried.

“I will volunteer my time in return for the gift,” one guest said.

“Then you are just buying the gift from me,” the man said.

“I will spend some time talking with you,” said another guest.

“As much as I like to talk with you,” the man said, “you will start to feel so obligated to do it, it will become a burden to you.”

“I will work for you,” said yet another guest.

“I already have may who just work for me,” said the man.

And then a young boy stepped up to the man.

“Sir,” said the boy. “I have made this for you.”

The man looked at the paper in the boy’s hand and his face softened as he looked up at his guests with a smile. He held the paper high in the air, over his head, so all the guests saw the crudely crayoned drawing. On the paper was a small stick figure reaching up to a stick figure man to take his hand. Surrounding the two stick figures was a lopsided heart drawn in purple.

“This!” said the man, as a tear ran down his cheek. “This is the perfect gift! Of all the things in the world that I own, and of all the people who do what I command, this is what I desire most.” He bent down and hugged the boy.

Then the man framed the picture in a wooden frame and hung it with prominence in his meeting room so all who entered would see the gift from the heart.

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