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...and rediscover what you love?

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Do you feel like you’ve just lost touch with who you are?

This gift might help you reconnect with the things you love!

As women, we generally spend most of our time taking care of other people; our co-workers, our bosses, our spouse, our clients, our pets, our kids, our friends…doing things for them, or the things they want us to do, because we love them. And life continues rolling along while you bring joy to those around you.

Until that one day…

When you look around and realize that you’ve stopped doing the things you love. The things that fill you with energy. The things you do for you that make you happy.

That’s what happened to me this year.

My husband and my son were away for a week, and suddenly I looked up from the chaos that was my life and realized that almost everything I was doing was for someone else.

Not that this in itself is bad; it’s just that coupled with so much doing for others was the realization that I stopped doing things for myself.

Like buying myself flowers, or making the kind of sun tea I preferred (instead of always making what my family likes), or sitting on the porch reading a good book just because I wanted to.

I stopped doing things because I wanted to do them and spent most of my time doing things because I had to do them.

Everything I did was a chore. Even walking the dog turned into drudgery because it was something I had to do instead of what I chose to do.

Does this sound like you?

It’s not that you are really unhappy.

Or that you regret showing love for others by taking care of their needs.

It’s just that you’d like to reconnect with the things you love.

This little guide is filled with simple ideas that you can use to reconnect with your beautiful, creative, happy, joyful self. You can do them in a evening, an afternoon, or on a day off.

While you do the activities in this download, notice how you feel and what you are thinking. What do these things inspire you to do? Do they awaken something in you that has been sleeping in the shadows, waiting for you to notice? How can you incorporate that activity, idea, thought or feeling into your life so you can stay in touch with that thing that brings you happiness? Take the extra step of journaling your experiences so you can learn and grow from your experiences.

When you are finished with this download, or if you have a big breakthrough moment, I hope you will connect with me and share your insight so we can celebrate together the things that make you happy. I might even share your story on my blog to inspire other women to get back in touch with herself.

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