What Happened Next…

what happened next

Because I’m a wordsmith, I notice how people say or write things. And lately I’ve noticed a formula that online promoted materials (and even un-promoted materials) have been using. And the formula must be working because I see more and more of these kinds of headlines online. I know you’ve seen them too.

They start off with a description of some action that is happening in a video or photo like:

This elephant sees the ocean for the first time…

Then they will use this phrase:

What happened next will (anger, astonish, amaze, surprise) you.

This formula is working well to get people to click on a story and engage.

Sometimes the story does amaze or inspire. Sometimes it just falls flat and you can tell the headline was just a tool for engagement.

So, as I progress in this journey of discovery and getting back I touch with me, I have to ask my self this: what is my “what happens next”?

I’m looking into a new future that I am creating.

So what happens next?

Do I create drastic change? Or will it be gradual?

Will I fall back into bad habits? Or will I truly break through and have a more balanced life.

And then there is the most important part of the question…what will the reaction be?

Will I be amazed at the new life I’ve created?

Will my family be astonished? Annoyed? Pleased?

Will others be inspired?

I guess time will tell.

If you are taking this journey with me–the journey of awakening from a mediocre life with the desire to live more authentically with your true self…the one who has been quietly waiting for you to remember her…then this question is for you too!

In your journaling or quiet time, think about how you would write your own headline in the manner that online marketers are using for engagement.

Mine reads like this: Alane works hard to reconnect with what is important to her.
What happens next will inspire you!

Your Turn: Share in the comments below how your “What happens next” reads!

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