What if we do 2016 differently?

January quote

Happy New Year!

2015 was a pretty good year. Many great things happened; we took lots of fun trips, survived a deployment, and had great times with family. I also started writing again, for me, and I’ve revamped my life a bit so I can concentrate on the things that are really important to me.

But as I was pondering the coming of the new year, I began thinking…

What if this year, we didn’t believe those things that have held us prisoner in our minds. Like the words that make us feel less than. Or not good enough. Or not pretty enough. What if instead, we embraced who we are. And knew that we are good enough. And pretty enough. And lovely enough.

What if this year, we said no to stress and overwhelm and instead, planned for quiet times where we can be still and enjoy every element of the life we live.

What if this year, we didn’t focus on the hate in the world, but worked hard to bring more love into our own world. Where we embraced each other and helped each other overcome our challenges.

What if this year, instead of worrying about what we should get, we selflessly met the needs of those around us before our own needs were met. Where we made love an action that means something, rather than a word we use to describe how we feel about our morning coffee.

This year, what would happen if we…
Loved more
Lived more
And practiced grace and kindness towards others…
but most of all towards ourselves.

Maybe our lives will be more fulfilling.
And our days will be more enjoyable.
Our relationships might be happier.
And our joy just might be restored.

Let’s do that in 2016!

Your turn; in the comments below share what you will do differently in 2016!

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