Who is Alane?

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Hi! I’m Alane Pearce. An author and writer who inspires women to live at their fullest potential. A natural encourager, I write nonfiction books about self awareness and spiritual growth.

I’ve spent so many years supporting my husband’s career, raising my son and caring for our home and pets while I’ve run several different businesses. Until one beautiful summer day when I looked up from my busy life and realized that in all my doing for others, I’ve stopped doing the things I love. The things that fill me with energy. The things that make me happy.

Not that doing for others is bad. It’s just that coupled with all that doing for others was the realization that I stopped doing things for me. I stopped doing the things I wanted to do and spent most of my time doing things because I had to.

It’s not that I am really unhappy. I don’t regret my life. Nor do I regret making those around me happy. But I’ve realized I’ve lost touch with ME…and I desire to remember the things that make me happy and fill me with joy.

So, that is what this blog is all about. A place to record my journey of remembering the things that make me me, and a place to share my books in case you like what I write and want more.

Speaking of my books, I published my memoir, Notes from the Margins: Healing Conversations with Godabout my struggles with grief, loss, infertility, depression, and nearly dying three times. I also published a companion Bible study called Comparing Notes where you can work through your issues that may be similar to mine.

In addition to my own books, I have been published in Today’s Christian Woman, The Busy Woman’s Guide to a Balanced Life, Faith and Family Magazine, Military Spouse Magazine online, The 365-Day LifeVerse Devotional, Faith Deployed…Again, and The Military Spouse’s New Testament. I have also written for many bloggers as well as Family Christian’s app, iDisciple.

As a military spouse, an entrepreneur, and a mother, I am on the quest to find a better balance between taking care of my family and household responsibilities while still having time to pursue the things that bring me joy like; camping, hiking, traveling, writing, and publishing the next five books that I’ve started.

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